Bogata RV Park

Ramblin Fever RV Park Near Bogata, TX

Bogata RV Park

Ramblin Fever RV Park Near Bogata, TX

Find true relaxation in our peaceful and safe atmosphere.

If you’re familiar with Texas, you know there are thousands of tiny towns across the state. And while some of these towns don’t have a lot to offer, others are hidden gems with beautiful experiences for you to uncover. Bogata, Texas, is one of those towns. With a true sense of Texas charm and Southern hospitality, you’ll find yourself welcome from the moment you arrive. There’s no better way to create a truly relaxing experience than to visit a historic town with unique adventures.

If you need a break, Mount Pleasant RV Park is the place for you. RVing is a great way to create a fun but affordable experience for you and your family. And at our RV park, you don’t have to expect an empty space with some lots. We strive to provide the best RV experience for all of our guests.

Why We’re Different

Mount Pleasant RV Park, better known as Ramblin Fever RV Park, is different from your average camping grounds. If you are an experienced RVer, you know how hard it is to find an RV park that actually provides helpful amenities. Look, we never want you to feel like you have to overplan just to enjoy your RV vacation, so we’ve created a list of amenities that we think you’ll appreciate. Our amenities include:

WiFi availability
Laundry facilities
Beautiful picnic areas
Easy & level parking
Dedicated staff
Family-friendly atmosphere
Cable TV
All RV hookups
Pet friendly (so you never have to leave your best bud behind)
Close to the lovely city of Bogata

When you stay at our Bogata campground, you’ll never want to stay at an RV park without amenities again. Having the right tools can make or break your RV trip, and we want yours to be flawless.

Explore Plano, Texas

Listen, while small Texas cities are lovely, it’s okay to want to find bigger attractions within the state. If that’s what you’re looking for, Plano, Texas, lies less than two hours away from Bogata. A short day trip brings you to a beautiful city full of incredible adventures. Plano is close to Dallas but has its own unique experiences for every visitor. Whether you are looking for a beautiful city to explore or want outdoor exploration, Plano is the right place for you.

About Mount Pleasant RV Park

At our Bogata campground, you can expect the best experience from your stay. Listen, we aren’t saying that our RV park is the best or better than others. We just know the time and effort it takes to create a camping ground that provides more than an empty parking spot. So, if you want a better RV trip that doesn’t start off with stress, come see us.

From a glance, Bogata may not seem like much. But this town has a depth and beauty to it that may surprise you. Bogata, Texas is a unique city that holds many outdoor activities and wonderful discoveries. Listen, exploring places you normally wouldn’t is the best way to find a beautiful trip. You can find many things that you and your entire family will love in Bogata.

Old Fire Station Museum

The Old Fire Station Museum is a great place to discover unique history and incredible stories. This museum truly was an old fire station back in the day and has now been converted into an eclectic museum of rare artifacts and once-in-a-lifetime exhibits.

The Paris, Texas, Eiffel Tower

While it may not be the city of love itself, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Texas, is a fun adventure for everyone. You can visit this monument at any time and stand under the (smaller) but still beautiful tower. A beautiful park surrounds the Texas Eiffel Tower, so you can explore, unwind, and enjoy the scenery.

Paris Town Square

The Paris Town Square is a fun place to walk around and explore. You can venture into the unique shops, markets, and delicious restaurants. The architecture and atmosphere are peaceful and provide a lovely time for everyone. Whatever you’re interested in, the Paris town square has something for you.

Smokeshack BBQ

Listen, no matter what people say, Texas BBQ is something everyone should experience at least once in their life. In Bogata, Smokeshack BBQ has the best in town. If you are looking for a delicious place to try a great BBQ, this restaurant has it all. With charm and true Southern Hospitality, Smokeshack BBQ is a must-try when you visit Bogata.

Cooper Lake State Park

A beautiful trip to a lake park may be your idea of the perfect day. Cooper Lake State Park is a gorgeous park with unique outdoor activities. Spend the day on the water, hiking the surrounding trails, riding on horseback, or relaxing on the dock.

No one wants to talk about the ridiculous housing rates that continue to climb every day. In fact, it’s one of those factors that leave us feeling lost or unsure of what to do. We all deserve a wonderful place to live that doesn’t feel like a money trap. Unfortunately, traditional housing options make this almost impossible. However, long-term RVing provides the answer to affordable, great housing that ensures you can save for your future. At our Bogata campground, we provide rates that help refresh your life and living situation. Our rates include:

$30 /Per Night

$150 /Per Week

$430 /Per Month

Why Visit Mount Pleasant RV Park?

Visiting Mount Pleasant RV Park is a great way to create a lovely vacation for your entire family. Our staff wants you to find everything you need to enjoy your time at our camping ground. But don’t just take our word for it; come experience our amenities and beautiful RV park for yourself.

RVing At Ramblin Fever RV Park

No matter the reason, RVing should be an enjoyable experience every time. Whether you want to restart your life or just get away for a few days, you can count on Ramblin Fever RV Park to provide everything you need.


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