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Ramblin Fever RV Park in Mount Pleasant, TX

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Mount Vernon , TX, is a quiet, historical city between Dallas and Texarkana. Its charming, small-town air mixes with stunning architecture and incredible areas to provide outstanding experiences for every visitor. In Mount Vernon, TX, you can uncover the ideal place for relaxation, exploration, or genuine downtime.

One of the top ways to explore incredible cities like Mount Vernon is through RVing. However, finding an RV park that accommodates your needs and creates a comfortable atmosphere can take time and effort. At Mount Pleasant RV Park, you can find a quick and straightforward solution to your RVing needs. Our campgrounds and amenities provide the RV adventure you’re looking for.

Comfortable Amenities

At our Mount Vernon campground, we offer the top amenities for every visitor who stays with us. We aim to exceed every expectation and help every guest enjoy their visit. Whether you are staying with us for a long or short period, we want to help you feel like our campground is your home. Our amenities include:

Free WiFi
Laundry facilities with high-end machines
All RV hookups
Clean, beautiful campground
Helpful and dedicated staff
Pull-through parking lots
Family & pet friendly
Perfect picnic spots
Perfect, peaceful atmosphere to promote relaxation
Cable TV
Close to the outstanding city of Mount Vernon

These are just some benefits you can expect when visiting our camping ground. We love welcoming all visitors and providing everything you need for a beautiful stay.

Explore Dallas, Texas

If you want to explore a larger city, Dallas, Texas, is just a short car ride from Mount Pleasant RV Park. Dallas has an incredibly diverse culture allows everyone to discover unique and exciting experiences. If you are looking for an incredible adventure, unique dining, or cozy places to unwind, Dallas, TX, has everything you want.

About Ramblin Fever RV Park

Our Mount Pleasant RV Park offers more than your average campground. We provide the leading amenities, accommodations, and opportunities for every long and short-term RVer. There are outstanding benefits to booking your stay at our Mount Vernon campground. We are here for our vacation RVers and those looking for a new beginning through long-term RVing.

Long-term RVing is becoming popular as it becomes harder to afford stable housing in today’s climate. We aim to provide the best campground, living accommodations, and amenities to ensure your stay is one that you can relax and enjoy. You can expect outstanding service and a beautiful atmosphere when you book your stay at our camping ground. 

Things To Do

There are many exciting adventures to uncover in the beautiful city of Mount Vernon, Texas. This historic town was founded in the mid-1840s as a small settler’s town and has grown into a larger city of historical sites today. You will find beautiful experiences, incredible hospitality, and stunning outdoor parks that you can escape in

The Alamo Mission Museum Of Franklin County

You can explore a historically accurate recreation of the famous Alamo at The Alamo Mission Museum Of Franklin County. You can witness historical reenactments of The Alamo, Bonnie and Clyde, or even Texas pirates. This museum boasts four separate buildings that hold historical reenactments of Texas history. The Alamo Mission Of Franklin County is perfect for a family outing or historical learning.

Fire Station Museum

The Fire Station Museum is in the center of downtown Mount Vernon and has a collection of rare, eccentric artifacts and exhibits for you to discover. What used to be an old firehouse is now a beautiful museum with a collection of rare butterflies, bird eggs, and even Native American exhibits. There is something for everyone at The Fire Station Museum.

Bistro 1916

Bistro 1916 is nestled in the heart of downtown Mount Vernon and is a quaint, delicious eatery that offers more than an outstanding dining experience. Bistro 1916 is a farm-to-table style restaurant that offers incredible brunch and lunch options for every guest. You can enjoy a lovely day on the town and stop by Bistro 1916 for the perfect lunch.

Daingerfield State Park

Daingerfield State Park is a beautiful park in Mount Vernon that offers ideal hiking trails, fishing spots, and boating areas. There are so many beautiful places to discover at this park, and you can even stay in a cabin for a stunning night in nature. Whether you are searching for a day out in nature or on the water, Daingerfield State Park has you covered.

The Chophouse On Bankhead

The Chophouse On Bankhead is a unique Texas fine-dining experience that creates a romantic atmosphere for every guest. If you are looking for a night out in town, The Chophouse On Bankhead is the perfect place. With a delicious menu, outstanding drinks, and wonderful service, this restaurant has something for everyone.

Our Rates

At Mount Pleasant RV Park, we offer incredible rates for everyone seeking a vacation, quick trip, or long-term stay. We understand the necessity of affordable housing and reasonable rates for every guest, so we go the extra mile to help everyone feel comfortable and welcome. Our rates include:

$30 /Per Night

$150 /Per Week

$430 /Per Month

These rates can help you create a comfortable environment for yourself or your family and allow you to save money for the future.

Why Visit Ramblin Fever RV Park?

Our Mount Vernon campground is perfect for discovering true peace and relaxation. Visiting our campground will give you a stress-free trip and create beautiful memories you can cherish for a lifetime. We offer outstanding rates, incredible amenities, and an experienced staff to help you with every need. Whether looking for a quick trip to escape from daily life or to begin anew, our RV park has everything you need.

The Leading RV Park
In Mount Vernon, Texas

Ramblin Fever RV Park is the leading RV park in Mount Vernon for a reason. With affordable pricing, top-of-the-line amenities, and an incredible staff, our guests leave happy and always want to come back. Enjoy the beautiful city of Mount Vernon and relax at our campground whenever you please.


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