Cultural Immersion: Festivals And Events In Each Road Trip Destination

Cultural Immersion: Festivals And Events In Each Road Trip Destination

Are you aiming to expand your understanding of various cultures? Visiting countries one by one is a tremendous adventure. However, learning about each culture in the country where it originated isn’t always an option. A tight budget or limited vacation days can keep you from hopping on a plane when you want to dive into a rich and fulfilling experience.

With a wide, ever-expanding range of outside influences, the United States has a culture as diverse and unique as each member of its society. Setting out on a road trip through the country can feel like a great adventure, especially if you know where to go. What if you’re looking for fun, culturally diverse experiences without leaving all the comforts of home behind? A road trip in an RV to provide deeper travel experiences is just what the wanderer inside you needs. What adventure awaits you merely depends on three questions: What, when, and where?

Cultural Festivals And Events

Almost every state in the country has some degree of an event or celebration of ethnic roots. While by no means an all-inclusive list, here are some of the most popular festivals and events celebrating a few of these cultures.

Aloha Festival – Hawaii

A celebration of all things Hawaiian, this is a state-wide annual event featuring dancing, food, parades, and arts and crafts exhibitions. While Hawaii may not be the first state that comes to mind when you think of a road trip in an RV, campervans are used instead of full-sized RVs to help navigate narrow island roads. The Aloha Festival starts in September and runs through October, making this month-long celebration the perfect road trip adventure before the holiday season rush takes over.

Cherokee National Holiday – Tahlequah, Oklahoma

The weekend before Labor Day, this festival draws thousands of visitors with its Native American traditions. From games and food to dances and an inter-tribal powwow, this is an excellent opportunity for cultural immersion. An RV trip to experience the Cherokee tribal traditions would be an exciting end-of-summer vacation.

Chinese New Year Parade – San Francisco, California

Each year, falling on a day between January 21st and February 20th, the Chinese New Year Parade takes place in San Francisco. A night-illuminated parade known for extravagant floats, this festival celebrates the lunar new year while incorporating Chinese culture into the festivities. Combining this event with an RV adventure on the Pacific coast makes this an exciting opportunity to see the scenic beauty of California.

Mardi Gras – New Orleans, Louisiana

Arguably one of the most well-known festivals in the country, Mardi Gras officially starts in early January but peaks in the last week of celebrations, just before Ash Wednesday. If you’re ready to see and experience the music, parades, and food, hop in your RV and head to New Orleans to envelop yourself in this popular cultural tourism destination.

Cinco De Mayo – USA

Originally a celebration of a military victory for the Mexican army, Cinco De Mayo has since morphed into more of a festival of Mexican culture and heritage. If music, dancing, and authentic Mexican cuisine weren’t enough of a draw, location certainly would be. Cinco De Mayo is a nationwide event, meaning choosing almost any major city allows you to participate in the celebrations. Load up the RV and head out to join the festivities for a taste of cultural immersion!

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