Music Festival Essentials: Packing Tips for RVers

Music Festival Essentials: Packing Tips for RVers

An RV is a popular method of travel among the eternal nomads of the world. There’s nothing quite like hitting the open road in pursuit of a new adventure. Many people choose to permanently live in RVs, carrying the comforts of home with them wherever they go. If you’re after a peaceful vacation, a fun-filled family trip, or a new way to live your daily life, an RV can provide enough comfort and space to accommodate all your needs. So what might those needs be if you plan to attend a music festival in your house on wheels?

Festival Road Trip

Attending a music festival can be a thrilling but intimidating experience. Advanced planning and knowing what to expect will make you feel more relaxed and prepared. An RV can be an essential part of a music festival road trip, providing you with both transportation and lodging. There are many options for local and national festivals based on your music preference. Once you’ve selected your destination, the only thing left to do is pack!


Best Festival Packing List

Half the fun and excitement of a trip is the anticipation. Packing, however, isn’t usually considered a highlight of any getaway. A thorough camping checklist is your best bet to be sure everything you need is within reach. So, what exactly do you need for a music festival road trip?


Camping Checklist

Everyone has different ideas of what is and isn’t necessary to pack for a camping trip. Spend some time thinking of what each day may look like and how much or little you need to make yourself comfortable. Once you have some idea, you can create the best festival packing list.


We’ll list a few things you can consider to help you have a successful and fun camping trip.

  1. The first thing to do is check with the festival campgrounds to see if they’re equipped with RV hookups– unless you don’t mind roughing it for a short time. Plan for little to no electricity and water to your RV during your stay.
  2. Things like clothes will depend on what season the festival takes place. A quick internet search of the local climate should help you plan your wardrobe. You’ll mainly spend your time outdoors, meaning a good SPF sunscreen will be a lifesaver during daytime hours. At night, a trusty can of bug spray will make you popular among your fellow festivalgoers. Bring a folding or camping chair for those evenings spent sitting under the stars.
  3. Campgrounds usually supply water, but this could mean having to haul water to your RV in jugs if water hookups aren’t available. As for drinking water, bring at least a gallon a day for each person, more if the outside temperature will be warm. 
  4. Snacks and easily prepared meals are a must at music festivals. While you may make friends with some festivalgoers, and they may cook enough for a crowd at every meal, having a good stock of quick and easy foods isn’t something you’ll regret.
  5. As long as you prepare a detailed camping checklist of necessities, you can rest assured that your music festival experience will be one to remember for years to come.


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