RV Camping Tips For Seniors Living Their Best Life

RV Camping Tips For Seniors Living Their Best Life

After retirement, you may have spare time on your hands. To fill this time, you might take up a new hobby, such as gardening, crafting, golfing, or traveling. RV travel is a popular pastime among seniors for good reason. Traveling provides a fulfilling day while allowing you to see and experience places you haven’t had the opportunity to visit. Now that you have the time, you can start exploring. All you need is a means of transportation.

Rent Before Buying

Investing money into an RV is an intimidating first step, especially if you’ve never taken a trip in an RV. The best way to give RVing a shot without so much pressure on yourself or your savings account is to rent an RV. Find a reputable business near you and go check them out. Renting is the smart choice for people who may not know exactly what size RV they want. Taking a trip in a rented rig will give you an idea of what you’re looking for–big with enough room for all the comforts of home or small with the ability to tackle any roadway set before you.

Make Your RV Comfortable

Bring the comforts of home on the road with you. Whether it’s a warm blanket, your preferred blend of coffee, or a well-read copy of your favorite novel–or all of the above–pack it up and bring it along. Swapping the mattress from the RV bed with a more comfortable one can add to the homey feel. A comfortable bed will also help you get enough sleep to feel well-rested and tackle the daily tasks of RV living.

Know What To Budget For Expenses

Once you decide what size and style of RV is right for you, you must also know the cost of upkeep and operation. If you’re on a fixed income, don’t forget to budget enough money for occasional RV repairs and maintenance, along with insurance, campground fees, groceries, and fuel. Compare these costs to household bills if you are debating whether or not to become a full-time RVer.

Take Safety Precautions

Safety concerns in an RV can be problematic if you’re just encountering them for the first time. Steep steps and low lighting outdoors can cause unwelcome challenges for anyone. If your new RV did not come with a handrail for climbing up the steps into the vehicle, you may need to install one or have one installed for you. These steps can be a hazard due to their height. Braces for steps are available to offer more stability to any shaky steps that could be an issue. A small step stool might benefit anyone with difficulties making it up the first gap between the ground and the RV stairs.

Set Travel Limitations

Everyone needs to know their limitations while out on the road. Don’t push yourself to cover great distances in a day. Traveling too far in one day will only exhaust you and prevent a clear mind while setting up camp for the night. Try following the popular 330 rule. Stop for the night once you’ve traveled 330 miles in one day, or find a campground by 3:30 in the afternoon. This rule helps you allow plenty of time to set up camp before it gets too dark.

Have Fun

Yes, a lot of information and responsibility comes with RV travel, but don’t let yourself get bogged down. You’re entering an exciting new phase of life, where you will have time to visit and explore many new places. Don’t forget to stop in to spend some time with family now and then. That can be the biggest adventure of all. At least you will always have your RV as a quiet retreat.

Your Next Big Adventure

Ramblin Fever RV Park offers a great location with so much to experience. Don’t forget to add Mount Pleasant, TX, to the itinerary of your next big adventure.

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