RV Nightmares – Top 10 Problems That Could Ruin Your RV Trip

RV Nightmares – Top 10 Problems That Could Ruin Your RV Trip

So, you want to go RVing? Touring the country in your mobile home can be a great adventure you’ll remember for years to come. It can also be a little…challenging. You can run into a lot of problems while you’re out on the road. Thankfully, you can take some steps to prepare for these 10 common issues in advance.

1. There Will Be Bugs

Bugs will always be around to…bug us. But never fear–the insect-repellent ideas are here! If your problem is mosquitoes you can try citronella candles. Also, wear insect repellent at night (and sometimes during the day) and carry it with you when you know you’ll be outside. You might also want to invest in a mesh tent if you plan to do a lot of cookouts. When it comes to flies and other pesky bugs make sure you have screens on your doors and windows. And maybe keep a fly swatter handy.

2. (Harsh) Words With Friends

We can say hurtful things to each other when we’re tired. And there’s nothing that can test your patience more than being in a small space with people for an extended time. When tempers flare, remember that a good nap and a hearty meal can make almost anything better.

3. The 411 On 911

Emergencies can happen anywhere. Keep a first aid and emergency kit in your RV when you travel. It’s also helpful to know your exact address so that you can give your location to emergency services if you need to.

4. Where’s Fido?

Your pets are part of your family. You want them to come on vacation with you, but it can be hard to keep them safe on the road. Try to keep them on a leash as much as possible so they won’t get loose. You should also get them chipped before going on vacation in case they get lost. That way, they can be returned to you quickly and safely.

5. Sweat The Small Stuff

You’ll probably forget something small when you pack for your trip. If it’s something you can just pick up at the grocery store, it’s not a big deal, right? But some things like medication are harder to come by. Make a list for each person and include everything–clothes, shoes, toiletries. With lists, you have a better chance of remembering everything you need.

6. Tread Lightly

It can be scary enough to deal with a flat tire on a regular car. A flat or blowout on an RV can be downright intimidating. The best way to prevent tire issues is to check your tire tread and pressure before a trip. If they’re not in great shape you may need to replace them to avoid any problems while you’re traveling.

7. The Fault In Our Cars/RVs

While you’re checking your tires, you might as well give your whole RV a once over. Checking everything out before you leave your driveway is a great way to make sure you don’t have any surprise mechanical issues while you’re enjoying the outdoors.

8. Trip Happens

When you spend hours traveling, you may start to feel restless. Being stuck in one place can make you feel trapped. When you’re traveling in an RV it’s important to stop, get out, and walk around. Use your restlessness to your advantage. Pack your trip full of sightseeing adventures you can take along the way. The road is a great place to be spontaneous and enjoy the little parts of your trip.

9. The RVer And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Neighbor

Sometimes you’ll end up parked next to a fellow RVer who just isn’t great. They’re loud, nosey, or just plain rude. If you’ve complained, but the problem doesn’t go away, you can take simple steps to deal with them while you’re neighbors. If it’s a noise issue, buy earplugs. If they’re nosey, try a privacy fence, or shades for your windows. You can also practice politely telling them to mind their own business.

10. There’s Got To Be S’More To Life

As fun as it is to sit around a campfire and roast your meals and marshmallows, you might start to miss other types of cuisine. Stock your kitchen with the proper culinary tools, then hit the market to grab some ingredients. Meals like spaghetti are a great change of pace and not all that difficult to prepare and clean up after. 

Who Ya Gonna Call? Ramblin’ Fever RV Park

Sure, a lot can go wrong when you go RVing. But the same can be said of any vacation. The more comfortable and experienced you become traveling in an RV, the better your trips will be. Looking for a small Texas town to visit? Check out Ramblin’ Fever RV Park in Mount Pleasant. Call us at (430) 562-9095 or book your site online.

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